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Scotty Cameron California Putter

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Scotty's California line rolls out with performance at the heart of every new feature. The soft sea Mist finish is the perfect treatment for the line's chosen putter head material - sculpted 303 stainless steel. Tour-proven deep face milling makes its debut giving players the soft feel the pros rave about.

New look. New attitude. With performance at the heart of each change, the new Scotty Cameron® California line rolls out with new models and features, new graphics and new finish.

Tour-proven deep face milling makes its debut producing a soft feel the pros rave about. Refreshed graphics and a new Sea Mist™ finish give the new California line modern flash with a timeless appearance. The factory interchangeable weights have an elegant industrial look and each California comes with Scotty’s new Studio Design Pistolero™ grip with bold red lettering.



Refined Designs

Precisely engineered surface by surface, edge by edge with over thirty shape and blend improvements.


Precision Milled

Soft, 303 stainless steel for great feel.


Sea Mist Finish

Sea Mist finish and red dot graphics create a modern, but timeless look.


Select Weighting

Provides stability and allows the shaft length and head weight to be perfectly matched to the players’ preference.


Perfectly Square Set-up

Precisely milled angles in the face, sole and neck, and balanced shapes that flow to the ground.


High Toe

Aids square alignment and reduces the player tendency to pull putts by raising the toe at address.


Deep Milled Face

Provides soft feel and sound.


Length & Weight Options

Allow you to find the Cameron putter that meets your performance and feel requirements.

Del Mar

Years of subtle shape and contour adjustments culminate in Scotty’s latest Del Mar design, a mid-mallet so souped-up and stunning, it commands attention and long, thoughtful stares. Scotty’s relationship with the Del Mar concept dates back to his Scottsman Series in 1994. While he hasn’t deviated entirely from the curvy profile that instantly identifies the Del Mar, he has added technology and creative nuances you’ve come to expect from a master putter maker in love with his craft.

Favored by players who prefer the soft, flowing lines at address and a putter that promotes a generous open and close toe flow motion, the California Del Mar is a classic shape with style reminiscent of a vintage roadster tuned to perfection. Heel shafted with an engraved sightline, a flow neck and ¾ shaft offset, every detail of this stainless steel beauty has been refined.

Deep face milling—a trademark of the California line—Scotty’s gorgeous Sea Mist finish, as well as the Tour-player preferred Pistolero grip all come standard with the Del Mar, a unique and breathtaking spin on a legendary performer.


Like a well-crafted selection from the wine-producing region that shares its name, Scotty’s Sonoma is a unique creation with unmistakable character. The attentive player with a keen appreciation for detail will notice how Scotty labored over the finer points of this compact mallet’s design. Take, for instance, how the sculpted D-shaped back flange flows in a seamless transition down toward the pocket. Scotty created a radius along the perimeter, pulling the curves together in an unbroken plane. From address, this visual cue breeds confidence and inspires success.

Additional details like the elegant round neck with ¾ shaft offset positioned slightly forward of the heel is as striking visually as it is performance-focused. This deliberate neck posture promotes a flowing, gate-like stroke—not quite as much as the heel shafted Del Mar and just more than the Fastback and Monterey models.

Clearly a putter for those looking to make a statement—as well as those seeking specific performance attributes—the Sonoma ups the ante, yet again. Offered only in the right-handed configuration, Scotty’s Sonoma enjoys the same features as its California line partners—deep face milling, brilliant Tour cherry dot graphics, the glare-resistant Sea Mist finish and the revolutionary Pistolero grip. And like many things classic California, this will be a putter for the ages.


Channeling the road racing spirit of this beloved California town, Scotty’s Monterey is a sleek, modern putting machine with spectacular curb appeal. He opened up the pocket from heel to toe and thinned out the topline, creating a swooping, sculpted head with curves in all the right places.

The plumbing neck, with its full shaft offset, promotes perfect alignment and setup at address, while your playing partners will marvel at the gorgeous contours and bold red cherry dots in the back cavity. Scotty’s familiar high-toe profile also helps players to properly sole the putter for an eye-pleasing setup leading to more made putts.

Pronounced deeper face milling equates to a Tour-proven soft feel while the gently, bead-blasted Sea Mist finish helps to knock down sun glare from the precision milled 303 stainless steel head. The Pistolero grip is a newly shaped, palm-fitting accessory that creates a seamless player-putter bond during the stroke.

Welcome the California Monterey, a double-step flanged beauty embodying refined elegance, available in right- and left-handed setups.

Monterey 1.5

Fusing beauty and performance is a Scotty hallmark, and the Monterey 1.5 is no exception. Equally arresting in its visual design, this flowing flare neck version of Scotty’s stunning Monterey gives the player visual cues—not to mention true performance-driven weighting properties—to promote more toe flow in the putting stroke.

Like moving a high-powered engine closer to the middle of the chassis, the flare neck configuration gives the Monterey 1.5 a slightly different balancing point, more toe hang, and a ¾ shaft offset setup that fits the discerning player’s eye. By promoting a more generous closing gate effect in the putting stroke, the Monterey 1.5 offers additional depth to the new California line.

The Monterey 1.5 also employs Scotty’s pronounced deeper face milling, glare-reducing Sea Mist finish and the great-feeling Pistolero grip. Available as a right-handed-only model, the Monterey 1.5 replaced the Coronado model in the California line.


First hoisted to victory on the PGA Tour in 3011, Scotty’s California Fastback calls to mind the swooping, futuristic automobile shapes that inspired its design. Roly-poly and pleasing to the eye, the Fastback is setup for the player favoring less toe flow in the putting stroke. With its full shaft of offset deliberately set up by the stepless single bend shaft, the Fastback is a putter crafted for confidence.

Studying its lines, the mindful observer will notice the Fastback’s Newport head style roots. Scotty started with his familiar Newport design and essentially smoothed out the back flange to form this rounded, mid mallet. And, as a close cousin of the Studio Select Fastback 1, the California Fastback shares the same spirit, but has a shaft-in setup, three milled sight lines, and carries the California putter line’s traits of deep face milling, rich red Tour dot graphics, Scotty’s Sea Mist finish and the Pistolero grip.

Available only in a right-handed setup, Scotty’s California Fastback is a design both future-focused and reminiscent of the past. Another classic California putter.

California Loft Lie RH
Head Material Head Finish Neck Offset Toe Flow Grip
Del Mar 71° 33"
303SS Sea Mist Flare 3/4 Shaft Maximum Black Pistolero
Fastback 71° 33"
- 303SS Sea Mist Single Bend Full Shaft Minimum Black Pistolero
Monterey 71° 33"
303SS Sea Mist Plumbing Full Shaft Medium Black Pistolero
Monterey 1.5 71° 33"
- 303SS Sea Mist Medium Flare 3/4 Shaft Near Maximum Black Pistolero
Sonoma 71° 33"
- 303SS Sea Mist Flow 3/4 Shaft Medium Black Pistolero