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Tour Edge Lady Bazooka JMAX Gold Fairway Wood

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The JMAX is a low profile hybrid-fairway with a super-thin hyper steel face and walls that allow more weight to be repositioned in the sole. The resulting weight shift creates an extremely low center of gravity that gets shots up quick and provides a remarkable level of forgiveness. On impact, the heavy radius sole produces a crisp feel and “hot” launch, with minimal club head twisting and reduced drag.

The Gold’s graphite shaft is shorter than a typical fairway wood making it more accurate and controllable than other fairway woods. In fact, the shaft’s low torque and flex point minimize club head twisting at impact and deliver a high-and-quick launch for reduced dispersion and more accurate shots.

The JMAX Gold makes hitting great shots a reality and not an illusion – try it once and you’ll see how easily the ball escapes from the rough, sand or tight lies.

  • Radiused sole for easy escape from any lie
  • Maximum weight low in the sole for higher-flying shots that get up quick
  • Offset hosel design makes it easy to get the clubface square at impact 


  1. Super-thin hypersteel face allows more weight to be repositioned low in the head for a super low center of gravity.
  2. Offset hosel allows the club face to square up at impact, delivering shots that are on target.
  3. Radiused sole minimizes turf drag in thick grass and producess a clean, consistent impact.