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Yonex Lady C280 FL Fairway Wood

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The Cyberstar C280 FL Fairway Woods feature a Maraging steel head with Muscle Power Face Technology for unmatched distance and forgiveness. The Cyberstar C280 FL woods come equipped with a Centrifugal Force System (CFS) shaft. This advanced proprietary Yonex technology provides increased club head speed and additional shaft stability.

The Muscle Power Face II technology incorporated in the Cyberstar C280 FL Fairway Woods pushes COR to the limit, providing superior distance while maintaining tight shot dispersion.

Muscle Power Face II technology enlarges the sweet spot by equalizing the recoil in both the vertical and horizontal planes of the clubface. A "rib-like" structure behind the clubface further enhances repulsion power (trampoline effect) to achieve greater power and feel.

A strategically placed Tungsten Insert lowers and deepens the club's center of gravity for improved distance and a higher initial launch angle. The Tungsten Insert, along with the Low Drag sole design, helps square the clubface at impact, reducing slice and promoting a "draw bias" shot pattern.

The Centrifugal Force System (CFS) shaft further increases club head speed by using the most powerful force on earth to help all golfers: GRAVITY. Without an increase in overall shaft weight, Yonex engineers have reduced weight at the grip end of the shaft and shifted it to the tip end of the shaft, allowing for greater club head acceleration through the ball when the shaft reaches the bottom of the "swing arc." This innovative design capitalizes on gravity to optimize the natural speed in the golf swing.